Instruktrur Brimob dan Manajemen PTP beserta peserta hari kedua

PT. Putra Tidar Perkasa was founded in 2007 by individuals who have ever been educated and trained in Tidar hill of Magelang (AKABRI), a decorated person who started the business after being study at any dicipline.

PT PTP is found in Batam with the Act No.21 by Notary Rita RA Simanjuntak, SH on July 27, 2007, In these formative years, the groundwork of our steadfast philosophy was established by capable security veterans with a desire to improve the way security was handled by organizations.

During this time, the company amassed a small list of clients that firmly believed in our ‘partnership for security’ approach. Most security companies then, and to this day, simply show up and use their ‘presence’ to deter crimes. Because security threats and challenges evolve over time,

PT PTP understood that optimal security was about implementing a long-term security plan, while providing complete visibility, advanced technologies and the most experienced and knowledgeable security staff.

Over time PT PTP’s client base grew much larger, fueled by this incomparable philosophy.